The artists and organizers of Queer Spectra Arts Festival are gathering to celebrate queer artists and their works. However, events cost money. Our expenses have been directed towards venue rentals, equipment rentals, insurance, as well as promotional materials. Below you can find our budget outline:

  • Venue rental: $500 for full day production 8AM to midnight at Commonwealth Studios. This rental includes time to set up, the actual festival 1PM-10PM, and time to strike and clean up.

  • Lighting equipment rental: $115 estimate for (2) 650 W Fresnel, (1) 1k 1000 W Fresnel, (1) 2k 2000 W Fresnel, and 4 light stands - quote from Commonwealth Studios.

  • Chairs rental: $62.5 estimate for 50 chairs at $1.25 each - quote from

  • Promotional materials: $61.06 for 50 posters and 100 postcards for Call for Submissions; and $102.46 estimate for 100 posters and 300 postcards of the Festival. Both of these estimates are from University Print & Mail Services.

  • Venue and event insurance: $150 estimate and will be updated in detail.

Together, we are looking at an estimate of $991.02 in total. Please consider contributing to the cost of the festival by donating here (the link will take you to donate to the PayPal account of Dat Nguyen - one of Queer Spectra Co-Founders).

All contributions are acknowledged in this year festival’s program note, unless the donor chooses to remain anonymous. If you wish to remain anonymous, please send us a note within your PayPal donation.

Please note: the Festival organizers are not interested in profiting financially from the festival. All proceeds and funds raised go directly to the festival. Any added funds raised this year will be put towards next year’s fest.

Thank you for helping make this year’s festival happen! We hope to see you on Saturday the 25th at Commonwealth Studios!