Dat Nguyen (he/him)

Dat Nguyen, a native from Vietnam, is a dance and visual artist currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He holds a BFA degree in Dance from Sam Houston State University. Throughout his career, he has danced for Christian von Howard, Maurice Causey, Dana Nicolay, Gerard Theoret, Lesley Telford, Daniel Clifton, Jennifer Pontius, and Maya Gurantz. In 2014, he founded MotionVivid™ as a performance and multi-media company to further his artistic research and practice. His works have been presented at multiple venues/festivals across the country, including Versatility Dance Festival, Utah Museum of Contemporary ArtRocky Mountain Choreography FestivalBRINEThe Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival, Bailando International Dance Festival. In 2018, he received a grant from Sugar Space Foundation and ZAP program to stage an evening-length work in SLC.

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Emma Sargent (she/her or they/them)

Emma Sargent is a freelance dancer, dance-maker, and performance artist living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her creative interests include multidisciplinary performance, contact improvisation and partnering, and promoting marginalized voices through art. She recently completed a BFA in Modern Dance and a BA in Gender Studies from the University of Utah. While at the University, Emma had the pleasure of working with choreographers and artists including Satu Hummasti, Daniel Clifton, Kris Grey and Maya Ciarrocchi, Katie Faulkner, and Daniel Charon. Recently, Emma has performed in multiple dance works by Dat Nguyen, and she is a member of project based companies Cat + Fish Dances and Deseret Experimental Opera Company. She has also presented work alongside LMN Mov’t.

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Aileen Norris (she/her)

Aileen Norris, originally from Iowa City, Iowa, is a dance artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah with her H.B.F.A. in Modern Dance and B.A. in English in May, 2019. Her current passions include art advocacy, multidisciplinary collaboration, and movement as a place of unification and common ground. During her time at the U, Aileen has had the pleasure of working with Satu Hummasti, Daniel Clifton, Maya Ciarrocchi, Kris Grey, and she looks forward to working with Anouk van Dijk for a work premiering at the School of Dance's Gala in April 2019.

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Molly Barnewitz (they/them)

Molly Barnewitz is a writer, comics enthusiast, and outdoor nerd based in Salt Lake City. Molly graduated with an M.A. in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies from the University of Utah in 2016. Their thesis, “The Animal As Queer Act in Comics: Queer Iterations in On Loving Women and Nimona” underscores the potential for comics to portray LGBTQ+ identities. Molly is a staff writer for where they focus on queer representation and ecocriticism in pop culture. They also serve on the organizing committee for Salt Lake’s Grid Zine Fest. Molly can often be found hiking, skiing, and playing music with their partner, Emma Sargent.