Our inaugural festival is presented by MotionVivid™ and will be on May 25th, 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Location details TBD.



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The theme for 2019’s inaugural Queer Spectra Arts Festival is “BE/LONGING.”

We encourage submitting artists to align their work with their own interpretations of the theme. Artists are welcome (but not required) to refer to the following questions to spark ideas:

  • What does it mean to belong?

  • How/why is queer belonging different than heteronormative belonging, if it is different at all?

  • Do you feel like you belong? If so, where or to whom do you belong?

  • Is there a specific moment that you know you belong, and how do recognize this moment?

  • What does it mean to be you in the context of larger communities that you may or may not belong to?

  • How does your identity impact your sense of belonging or lack thereof?

  • What are other factors that affect our sense of belonging?

  • What is at stake when people are trying to belong? Is fitting in the same as belonging?

  • How can we foster and invite belonging?

  • What do you long for?

If you would like to submit, but your artwork doesn’t align with this theme, no worry! In your application, please tell us about your work and why you would like your work to be included in our festival. We are always looking for submissions that contribute to queer and queer art discourse.



Deadline: April 19th, 2019. Notification of result will be sent out on April 26th, 2019.

Artists from all disciplines are welcome to submit, including those in inter/multidisciplinary fields. Categories include (but are not limited to):

  • 2D visual arts (drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, etc…)

  • 3D art works (sculpture, installation, fashion, etc..)

  • Time-based arts (dance, theatre, music, poetry, comedy, literature, film, drag, performance art, etc…)

We accept both finished works and works-in-progress. For works-in-progress, in your application, tell us how you plan to complete your work and provide us a detailed timeline. We also welcome submissions from out of state, please note that however, at the moment, we are not able to compensate for traveling and lodging cost.

We highly encourage submitting artists to consider being a part of our open conversation regarding their work and their queer identity, in conjunction with the theme “BE/LONGING” as part of our mission is to promote a nuanced conversation with audiences about these topics/issues.

For 2D and 3D art works, artists are responsible for delivering their work, mounting/installing, as well as striking it (unless they have contacted and re-arranged these responsibilities with the festival). All of these need to happen on the day of the festival (8AM-4PM for setup, and 10-11:30PM for strike). The location that we are planning is an intimate space. Make sure that the work you propose is feasible for the time and venue factors. Also, please note that at the moment, we are not able to provide pedestals for sculptures, so you can bring your own pedestal or get creative about how you would like to display your work.

For time-based art works, the time limits are:

  • Dance, theatre, performance art: maximum 8 minutes for solos, 10 minutes for group works (including duo)

  • Music: 10 minutes max

  • Short films: minimum 3 minutes, maximum 8 minutes

Works exceeding these time limits can be considered. The selection committee will review and decide whether exceptions or arrangements can be made for these works. If accepted, you will be allowed a short time slot to tech/run your work in the space the morning of the festival (8AM-4PM). No special lighting will be provided, even though simple color flood lights can be accommodated! No paint, water, or liquid of any kind; no feathers or power of any kind. If you have props, please tell us in your application.

Keep in mind that Queer Spectra is a one-day festival, so please keep your production aspects as simple as you can!

Submission Fee: $10 for one work. If you plan to submit more than one work, it will be $5 for each additional work. Submission fees are non-refundable. You can send your application fee through:

  • Venmo to @EmmaESargent

  • PayPal to

Please indicate "Queer Spectra - Your name" when sending the fee. Submission without application fee will not be reviewed. If our fee prohibits you from submitting due to financial need, please contact us and we will work with you.

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